Yannis Karalis (Greek composer - lyricist)

Once upon a time, musical director M. Rozakis along with producer G. Kalogeropoulos introduced Yiannis to legendary Greek composer, Manos Xatzidakis who upon hearing the works of Yiannis soon landed recording sessions at the famed Second Programming at Public Radio to broadcast and release his first songs from the radio show ‘Studio B’.


This was the beginning of his journey and soon Yannis’ first song became an instant success and remains until this day an all-time classic.


Yannis Karalis is often noted for his ease in creating ‘hits’, his humor and intelligence, while his songs are notable for their quality or their marketability and certainly for their originality.

As Yannis himself states, “I despise boring mediocrity and prefer the extremes…”


He has written hundreds of hit songs for most of Greece’s top performers justifying the fact that people consider Yannis to be amongst the greatest Greek composers of our time. 


With his songs, helped release and establish young talents with major hits and It became evident by this time that Yannis Karalis was a master at introducing new artists in Greece’s ever-changing music industry. 

Also wrote and composed for theatrical productions, not to mention countless radio shows. Parallel to his music career, Yannis gave equal emphasis to his work in advertising ranging from the over 100 compositions of jingles and the creation of a plethora of radio advertising spots. 

By 1997 with the benefits of time and the experience that comes along with it, Yannis re-visited some of his classic hits and and additionally composed a new suite for classical guitar. Thus the instrumental   album “Odyssey” was born rooted in an “ethnic flavor”. “Odyssey” was released worldwide and still enjoys steady commercial recognition to this day.

At the present time, as the music industry seems to be gasping for breath, Yannis writes for a select few artists and personal friends.

His work has been dubbed audacious and innovative.  One - dimensional he certainly is not. 

His interests and engagements range from mechanical and electronic engineering, medicine, physics, design and computers, while in his free time he composes music.


He has selectively appeared on numerous television and radio shows throughout the years and has given many interviews to newspapers and magazines.


He has selectively appeared on numerous television and radio shows throughout the years and has given many interviews to newspapers and magazines.  


He adores Einstein, Poetry, John Lennon, Rock / Soul / Ethnic / Classical music, Nikos Kazantzakis, Manos Xatzidakis, Niko Gatsos..  his black sunglasses (because things seem rather gloomy lately), a good sense of humor and the wisdom of the ordinary man.

He dislikes current day saviors, musical plagiarists, those that bask in the light of others and wannabes.    


A believer that human stupidity should be penalized, Yannis Karalis often dreams of who he used to be, when he desired to become who he is today.

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